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Not an Alpha Male? Not getting where you want in life? Failing to get the respect you deserve, the jobs you crave, the women you desire? You’re far from alone, mate. All over the world, men just like you are being overtaken in every possible marketplace – from the social, to the professional, to the sexual – and somehow, all too many of us have been conditioned to just keep our heads down, and accept the hand we’ve been given.

Well, we say no more. No more missed opportunities, no more denials, no more rejections. It’s high time to take on the characteristics of the alpha male; those top dogs who effortlessly find their way through life, and seem to get pretty much everything that takes their fancy. The alpha male is the man as he was supposed to be fashioned – cool, confident, self-assured and alluring – and if you want to get ahead in life, it’s a character you’re going to have to get used to becoming… and fast.

Alpha Male Characteristics

Can I Become an Alpha Male?

If you’re thinking that you simply weren’t cut out to be an alpha male, you’re more than wrong. Think about it for a moment: if you’re not winning in life right now, it’s because your current status (and the downtrodden position you’ve found yourself in) has come about because you’ve been told over and over again that you can’t rise to the top. You haven’t got the self-belief, you don’t have the body, you lack the talent, etc etc. You’ve been told these things, and you’ve accepted them – it’s as simple as that. How about if i told you that your inner alpha male is just waiting to break free… and all you’ve got to do is put in the work to tell yourself that you’re worth that new, higher status in society?

In order to become an alpha male, you’ve got to become familiar with the alpha male characteristics, and know how to apply them to yourself. The only thing that’s holding you back is yourself – isn’t it time you flexed your muscles, gained some real self-belief, and learned the tricks of the trade that set the alpha male apart from the boys and betas of this world? Below, we’re going to take a look at what makes an alpha male, and how you can bring these characteristics into your own life. We’ll be asking who and what the alpha male is, and by the time you’ve finished reading, you’re going to have a clear idea of the path ahead of you.

See you at the top, buddy. It’s where you’ve always truly belonged!

What Makes An Alpha Male?

Naturally, being a ruthless, go-getting, swagger-filled alpha male doesn’t come down to just one thing. It’s not the clothes, nor is it the car. It’s not about how thick your wallet is, or how smooth your moves on the dancefloor are (although, let’s be fair, most of those factors aren’t going to do you any harm) – it’s about a whole number of factors which you can bring into your life with just a change of attitude and perspective. Let’s take a good look at each one in turn.

The Alpha Male is Confident

Alpha males know – deeply, thoroughly, and absolutely – that they’re the top dogs, the movers and shakers, the men who make things happen and get shit done. Whether other people think the same 100% of the time is totally irrelevant; confidence is an attitude, and when you believe in yourself, your choices, and your actions, everything about what you say and do is transformed, and commands attention.

We know this to be true, and we actually see evidence of it all the time. Think about the last job interview you had, or the last business deal you took part in. If you go into an office doubting or second guessing yourself, the other person sat opposite the desk can smell that lack of confidence a mile off. It’s there in your body language, in the way you speak, in your handshake and eye contact. In the same way, if you walk into a room brimming with confidence, everyone around you immediately sits up and takes notice of what you’re saying. Alpha males have mastered this to a fine art, and it takes little more than telling yourself you’re a big deal, and really believing every word.

The Alpha Male Bounces Right Back

Failure is a part of life, and even alpha males fail from time to time – it’s unavoidable, and possibly even important for when it comes to learning valuable lessons. The difference between the alpha male and the rest of the population, however, is how the alpha male reacts and responds to failure.

When your average man or beta male bum makes a cockup, or gets something wrong, the chances are he’ll spend the next few hours, days, or even weeks replaying it over and over in his head, worrying about the consequences, or working hard at trying to make amends for his failings. The alpha male isn’t having any of that rubbish – he storms right through, recognising his mistake, and learning the lesson it teaches there and then. And after he’s brushed himself off? He’ll refuse to give up, and get it right the next time. Hitting the plates again and again until he get’s what is rightfully his. Period!

The Alpha Male Doesn’t Shy Away From Competition

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and whether we’re talking about social interactions, the world of romance, business, money, or anything else, it’s only the fittest, toughest, and most ruthless who are going to rise to the top of the pile.

This explains why the alpha male is so competitive: he knows that if he doesn’t win, someone else is going to take what he believes to be rightfully his. The alpha male knows he is the best, and as such, is going to give everything he can to make sure other people know it too. It’s not about showing off or putting other people down, it’s about grabbing life by the balls and being the first to reap the rewards that hard work, ability, and confidence bring. Want to increase your alpha status? Embrace competition… because if you’re not winning, you’re losing. And your just another bum reading this without accepting competition as a part and parcel of life. Have you ever been jealous of someone else having a 92 plate Fiat Punto? No, exactly…but you do get envious when you see an Alpha cruising down the street in a 2018 plate Bentley Continental Supersports with a stunning 9 on the passenger side. That’s your inner competition! Embrace it and use it to fuel you!

The Alpha Male is a Commanding Presence

When it comes to being an alpha male, size really does matter. Humans are mammals, and in the animal kingdom, the pack leaders are always the biggest, most domineering beasts. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be over six foot with a 6 pack showing 24 hours of the day in order to be an alpha male – after all, there’s very little you can do about your size or genetics so quickly. However, you can do the following in order to up your alpha male characteristics and stand out in your own pack:

  • Hit The Gym

Alpha males take care of their body and their appearance, and nothing makes you feel like an alpha male quite like a ripped body and some hefty muscles. Also, if you aren’t naturally big in size and stature, bodybuilding is pretty much the only thing you can do to change that. (Achievable with some persistance and dicipline if you get off Facebook & Instagram for 1 hour a day and stop perving on certain females)

  • Adopt Powerful Body Language

Alpha males tell others of their status with their body language, and with all kinds of non-verbal communication. This involves everything from the way they walk, the way they stand, their eye contact, their handshakes… pretty much every living moment needs to be embodied as an alpha male in order for the message to be put across loud and clear. It’s a lifestyle you live 24/7. Not only when you walk out the door of your humble abode to impress the world. Think lifestyle!!

  • Walk Like A Boss

The easiest way to spot another alpha male in a crowd? Check out the way they walk. Alpha males don’t stroll, or pace, or stride. They swagger. Every step has meaning and purpose, every movement shows complete control of their body, their environment, and has a destination and goal in mind.

This manifests itself in strong, slow, purposeful steps. Beta males will scurry and rush about, trying to get from A to B without bumping into others. Alpha males cut through crowds, which part like the damn Red Sea in their wake. It’s cool, it’s collected, and it sends a powerful message to all who come across it.

  • Know Your Place

One of the keys to adopting the ‘commanding presence’ of the alpha male is to understand the importance of positioning yourself in group or social situations. The alpha male will always put himself in a dominant or powerful position, no matter the occasion, and those around him will naturally assume their place in the pecking order. This means taking your place at the head of a table, or positioning yourself close to the resources that other people will be reaching for later in a meeting or social engagement. It means taking that all-important middle spot at a table during high-powered meetings, and a thousand other examples we’ve all observed, but which perhaps you never thought about properly. Well, alpha males do think about it properly, and take full advantage of the opportunities provided.

The Alpha Male Takes Risks

Make no mistake about it, if you want to get ahead in life and become the ruthless alpha male who gets what he wants, you’re going to need to rip yourself out of your comfort zone, and start taking some chances. How do you think people find themselves with the money, the women, the power, the top jobs? These things generally don’t fall in people’s laps, and they’re very rarely the result of taking the safest route through life. You’ve got to be the alpha male who spots opportunities before others have a chance to look, and take those leaps of faith that lead to the best results. Life is a numbers game that can only be tackled by taking risks. And by that i mean every single day! Challenge yourself and push through the boundaries. The same way you saw a woman this week you really liked but did not have the balls to say anything. Instead you pulled every facial expression like a bum and the only thing you impressed was yourself. Go and talk to her and give zero shits about what she will say. Say something stupid like “nice shoes, good to see a woman that actually has good taste”. You would be stunned – astonished at how easy she will open up to you! Take risks, if she say’s no – her best friend is right next to her, make a move!!

The Alpha Male is Dominant

If there’s one thing to say about the alpha male, it’s that he isn’t just domineering in social situations, he’s dominant in pretty much every situation. He’s the one who comes up with the plans, he’s the one who doesn’t mince his words. Direct, powerful, and always listened to, the alpha male naturally takes the leadership position wherever he is. This comes across in the way he stands, in his tone of voice, in his dress sense… it’s the core of who he is. What’s your core?…

Getting The Girl As An Alpha Male

The situation in which the alpha male really comes into his own is that which involves contact with the opposite sex. Women, in general, love the attentions of an alpha male, and while most men will talk the talk when it comes to picking up women, the majority can usually be seen standing by the sidelines, ogling away, and talking absolute rubbish about what they would do… without ever actually making that all-important move. Here’s where the alpha male steps in, and how he does things differently:

  • All Action

The alpha male doesn’t waste his time with pointless chat with his mates, going on and on about what he would do with a woman if he had the chance. He knows that he does have the chance, and takes that chance with both hands. He’ll approach the women that he likes, and provide her with a killer opener that makes her knees weak. And if she’s unresponsive? He knows there’s another chance waiting just around the corner.

  • Eye Contact

Eye contact is a key weapon in the alpha male’s arsenal, and he uses it to best effect with the woman he desires. He holds their gaze with his own, and lets them know he’s in charge of the situation. I come to you when i want and i will get what i want. If not, then i take your best mate!

  • Body Contact

When an alpha male is talking to a girl he likes, he doesn’t hesitate to firm things up with some light body contact. Nothing disrespectful or over-the-top; just a hand on her waist, or holding her hand with his own. The alpha male owns his space, and isn’t afraid to invite somebody else into it.

Alpha Males Thrive Under Pressure

Let’s face facts: if you’re aiming to live the kind of life where risks need to be taken, and the rewards are great and come thick and fast, you need to be able to handle pressure. Alpha males are typified by their ability to stay calm under pressure, and have a strong grip on their emotions. Sure, they worry and occasionally freak out – just like even the best of us do from time to time – but they won’t display that weakness, and they’ll maintain a solid front for other people to depend upon. Calmness and rationality are the calling cards of the alpha male, and in that demeanour, true leadership lies.

Dressing Like an Alpha Male

Let’s get one thing straight: alpha males do not slavishly follow fashion. Fashion comes and goes, and what might look cool one week has a good chance of looking stupid the next. What alpha males do care about, however, is style. The alpha male looks sharp, knows his own look, and uses timeless tricks of the trade to put his alpha status across in the clothes he wears. Want to achieve a powerful, ruthless, go-getting look? Get yourself an alpha wardrobe, and stick to the following advice:

  • Wear clothes that fit

Badly fitting clothes make you look lazy, and show that you don’t give a toss about your appearance. What’s more, the wrong sizes can make you look shorter, or fatter, and are an immediate turn-off to the opposite sex.

  • Get yourself a good suit

The classic two-piece suit is the natural calling card of the alpha male. If you can, visit a tailor and get a bespoke suit that’s been cut to fit your shape perfectly. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel like the man walking around in one. Obviously, you don’t need to wear your suit 24/7, but for important social and business interactions, nothing else hits the spot the same way.

  • Pay attention to the details

We don’t mean that you have to spend an hour each morning applying lotions and potions, or have as many shoes in your closet as a teenage girl. But making sure your hair and facial hair are well-kept, your skin is clear, and you’ve got some decent kicks to swagger around town in is important, and will always make a strong impression. The idea is to own your style, and dress with the same purpose as you apply to everything else.

  • Don’t be afraid of standing out

The alpha male doesn’t go with the crowd – he leads it. This means that you dress how you want, when you want, and where you want. So long as you wear your style with confidence and with an understanding that you’re owning your look, you’ll get the respect and admiration you deserve.

Think Like an Alpha Male

I could go on for a week about how to walk like an alpha, how to talk like an alpha, and how to dress like an alpha… but let’s be frank for a moment: if you haven’t got the mindset, all you’re doing is play-acting your alpha male persona. Don’t get me wrong – you’ve got to slip into the role in order to become the reality… but being an alpha male is primarily a state of mind, and don’t go forget that for a second. So, how do you think like an alpha? The answer to that question is a long one, but you can start by following these vital tips.

  • Stick to your convictions

Alpha males know their own mind, and stick to what they think is right. When challenged, they’ll defend their position… and they’ll bring others to their side by doing so.

  • Don’t require external validation

Alpha males know that happiness and satisfaction comes from within, and don’t go around hunting for the approval of others.

  • Don’t hesitate to say ‘no’

This is a big one, so pay attention. The alpha male does not buckle under pressure, and does not need to go along with things he doesn’t agree with. The word ‘no’ is an important one in his far-reaching vocabulary, simply because he knows that he doesn’t have to agree with or comply with anything he doesn’t want.

  • Never give up

And finally, the icing on the cake – the alpha male is perseverant, and doesn’t give up or get swayed from his objective. Through hard work, self-belief, and unwavering commitment to his goals, the alpha male grabs life by the balls and gets what he wants out of it.

Of course, it’s a lot to take in… and don’t think that your alpha transformation is going to happen overnight. However, i’ve seen the changes that can be made with my own eyes, and i know the raw power that becoming an alpha male has, and what it can achieve. If you’re nodding along with every point we’ve made, and have been telling yourself you can do these things and hit those ruthless notes, you’re already halfway there. Now it’s time to suit up, step out, and get the respect and rewards you deserve!

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